Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dreadwax, in my opinion.

So, I recently got dreadlocks. And I absolutely love them. They're hard to maintain though, I try to roll them in my palms every chance I get and I comb up the ends a lot.

I refuse to use any dreadwax in my hair. Mainly because of all the horror stories I've heard and read about online, and because it just made my hair dirty.. My hair is black so when the wax was in them all the fuzzies and stuff would stick to the wax on my hair and it just looked gross. This is where I get the perception people have that "Dreads are dirty". Yeah, they can get dirty if you put wax in them. My understanding from my own experience with the stuff, is that it's like putting glue in your hair. Gluey waxy stuff that will never come out. This is why people's dreads get moldy and stinky.... gross.

Here is one of many horror stories I found online. It's extremely interesting. Read it, and possibly weep, if you have dread wax in your hair..

Now my hair is wax free, and my dreads are soft, clean, and on their way to being completely locked up. I can't wait to have matured dreads. Ahhh, I just love em.  Big commitment though, I had to accept that I would never have my long shiny black hair that I'd grown out for about 5 or 6 years, ever again.

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